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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  December 12, 2012 10:00pm-11:00pm PST

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a health scare for governor jerry brown. his cancer diagnosis, and whether it will affect his ability to lead california. good evening, i'm frank somerville. >> i'm julie haener. jerry brown has been diagnosed with early stage prostate cancer, and is now undergoing treatment at ucsf. learned about the cancer diagnosis and what the governor faces. >> reporter: earlier this evening, a hospital source told me that the governor received treatment here on the fourth floor at the university of california, san francisco. uscf is one of the preprostrate cancer treatment centers in america. the governor released a statement today saying fortunately, this is early
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stage, localized prostate cancer. the key is early diagnosis. >> if men who need treatment aren't detected early, they're less likely, far less likely to be cured. >> reporter: a prostate cancer surviver himself, dr. shoeman says patients have options, ranging from monitoring the tumor's growth, to radiation treatment like the governor, to removing the prostate. patients need to work closely with their oncologist. >> they're best equipped to make the recommendations on what to do. and whether or not they should get treatment. >> reporter: tony gosset is also a prostate cancer surviver. he and his doctors offered for a prostatectomy. as for the governor, he and his
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staff will continue to undergo a full schedule into the first week in january. more details now. doctors say as many as 241,000 men in the united states will be diagnosewide prostate cancer this year. northern 90% of those cases are early stage. nearly all men with such diagnosecy survive five years, and many live years longer than that. >> governor brown didn't reveal anything at a lunch meeting earlier today, where he was talking about jobs and education. >> one would have never known for a moment that there are health issues going on in that 74-year-old body. he was focused, he was interesting, he was on message, and we trial enjoyed the conversation. >> last year, the governor had to deal with skin cancer, and one political analyst doesn't see either of them as a problem. >> this current episode in a man they're talks about the need for early detection, and
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early treatment. that's actually a very positive message. i think that positive message, actually neutralizes any potential fallout. >> he also said that the governor takes care of his health, and he says, people would see anyone who tried to take advantage of the governor's situation as cheep, and tasteless. at, you'll find more on the governor's diagnosis, and the full statement released by his office today. just look for the hot topics section. happening now, the campus ofle cal state fullerton remains locked down, following a robbery and chase. it started in moreno valley around 3:00 this afternoon. a high speed chase began. tonight, the two robbery suspects are believed to be hiding somewhere on the college campus. police have told students and professors there to stay inside their classrooms and dorm rooms. the three other suspects were caught earlier this evening, and taken into custody.
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coming up in three minutes, new information about that shooting at a crowded mall, outside portland oregon. what we're learning about the gunman, and what may have saved many lives. new details about the killing of a chiropractor in oakland. live on hawkins drive where that shooting happened. neighbors felt safe there until something changed earlier this year. >> reporter: we're in front of the home where the 56-year-old man was gunned down last night. just moments ago, his family spoke with us about their loss. >> he's very kind. very caring. he gets along with everybody. >> the killing of quinn jun sun is the talk of the neighborhood. neighbors tell me, sun, a chiropractor lived here with
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his wife and has two children. >> the whole neighborhood is worried. we don't want this had a happen again. >> reporter: around 8:40 last night, neighbors say they heard two gunshots. police are still investigating why sun was killed. neighbors suspect robbery. >> i was highly upset, the lady, his wife was my friend. it's really sad. they're very nice people. they did nothing to hurt anybody. >> reporter: neighbors say these homes were built four years ago. a project to beautify oakland. it's located off of 880, an area where violence is common. >> it was a dream for me to buy property for my children. my children's father was murdered. this really hits home for me. >> reporter: she and others tell me when they bought their homes, the developer provided safety measure. >> it was a constant security presence around. when we were moving in, we
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would see him walk by. wave at him. >> since they left, the crime keeps coming in, more and more. everything from breakins to hit and runs. >> reporter: neighbors have created this memorial for quinn jun sun, family members tell me he was a very hard working man. he also drove a bus full time for stanford university. amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. an event tonight in oakland, honoring those who have lost loves ones to gun violence. the goal is to help others heal. >> you don't have to suffer in silence. we're here to help you. i understand what it feels
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like. i know what it means to lose a child. >> lorraine taylor lost her twin sons to gun violence. her group offers therapists, ministers, and law enforcement to answer questions and provide guidance. a federal judge gave his approval today to have someone oversee the troubled oakland police department. agreeing to a court appointed director. the alternative would have been a federal takeover of the police department. the judge has said oakland police have failed to make reforms, ordered in the settlement of the police brutality case. the compliance director will have problems to spend city money, change police tactics and fire chief howard jordan. the strange saga of john mcafee has brought him to florida. the software company founder has been on the run from belize, where he is wanted for questioning in connection with
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the killing of his neighbor. mcafee is asking for privacy. he says he's staying in a hotel in the upscale south beach neighborhood, and doesn't have a phone or money. some people have responded with offers to help. near portland, oregon, authorities identified the suspect in the deadly mall shooting. he was a 22-year-old man who investigators say took his own life after killing a man and a woman, and seriously wounding a 15-year-old girl. the two things that may have helped save many lives. >> cell phone video shows the panic, and chaos at a portland, oregon suburb. hands held high, to show police they were not a threat. >> my friend was already on the ground, crawling towards the doors. i heard two more shots. i jump on the ground, i'm crawling towards the floor. i hear this guy yell, get on the ground, get on the ground. >> reporter: police say jacob
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tyler roberts was armed with an ar-15 semi automatic rifle, that he had stolen earlier in the day from someone he knew. witnesses sea he fired between 20 and 50 shots in the mall's food court. investigators say he wore a hockey mask, and a special load baring vest that allowed him to carry several fully loaded magazine clips. >> there were no indicaters that this was going to happen. every indication that we have to this point was that he act the alone in this. >> reporter: killed in the attack, were cindy yuille, and steve forsyth. neither had a connection to the shooter. police searched the gunman's home. a neighbor said he saw roberts leaving the house in a hurry yesterday, carrying a guitar case. officials say there would have been more victims if the gun had not temporarily jammed, or the response from the police and the people in the mall not been so quick. >> it's difficult to see how anything good can come out of a
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tragedy like this, but it reminds of us of how precious we are to one another. >> reporter: the third victim, a 15-year-old girl is listed in serious condition, but very lucky to be alive. a bullet passed through her back, and bruised her lung, but didn't hit any vital organs, and she is expected to make a full recovery. today, the house of representatives recognized the victims of yesterday's mall shooting. members paused for a moment of silence to remember 54-year-old cindy yuille, and 45-year-old steve forsyth. he said that the fiscal cliff must be avoided with both tax increases and spending cuts. >> it will be critical that fiscal policymakers come together soon to achieve longer
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term fiscal sustain ability without adopting policies that could derail the ongoing recovery. >> bernanke said the fed will keep interest rates very low. he says it could take three more years. bernanke's comment initially set the markets up, but then they dropped without resolution on the fiscal cliff. the nasdaq dropped 8.5. near freezing conditions. i'm show you how cold it will be where you live in the morning. >> then a baby was born right in the middle of this bay area street and nearly died. the choice two officers made that ultimately saved his life. >> ever wonder where is my holiday package? one bay area man turned to his security camera and got the answer.
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another porch pirate has struck in an east bay neighborhood. reports of stolen packages have recently spiked. >> reporter: tis the season i guess. the department tells me, it's receiving 3 to 5 reports a day. one of those thefts happened here on logan drive. that security camera caught the crook who circled twice before making his move. >> watch as he gets out of the white car, takes off his coat,
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and casually walks up the drive way. >> just the way he had did it, it seemed he had gotten away with it a few times before. >> reporter: says the thief may be surprised when he finds a vacuum attachment in the box. the holidays present new opportunities for criminals. ups alone is expected to deliver 527 million packages this season. >> you just have to be one step ahead. >> reporter: she phones the ups store in the fremont shopping center. his tips from keeping this from happening? use a shipping method that requires a signature. talk with your driver about a more discreet place to leave packages. if you know you aren't going to be home -- >> just reroute it to the nearest ups store. >> reporter: online rei taylor, amazon started offering self- service pick up stations. customers can have an item shipped at no additional cost
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to a participating retailer where the package is stored in one of these lockers. >> i was fast forwarding, i just saw it disappear. >> reporter: he says he will do something differently the next time he has something shipped. and he hopes the police catch the crook. oakland police say they are increasing their presence in several neighborhoods. that is welcome news for business owners, shoppers, and residents. the neighborhoods that will see more officers is piedmont avenue, and lake shore. people have reported break-ins and armed muggings lately. bart is stepping up security in san francisco and oakland to help make holiday shoppers feel safer. in oakland, bart police will team up with oakland police from 4:00 to 8:00 tomorrow night. more bart police will be patrolling downtown san francisco stations as well.
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the mother of a missing teenager from morgan town spoke out today. as sierra lamar's accused killer was given more charges. his hair has grown out, and he's lost weight since he was first arrested. he's accused of trying to kidnap throw different women from safeway parking lots in morgan hill. although he was 17 at the time, he is being charged as a an adult. the body of sierra lamar has never been found. today, her mother had this message for her suspected killer. >> i hope that and that with the holidays, the accused will feel the pressure and find it in his heart to come forward with the information necessary to locate sierra. there is word tonight that the man accused of setting fire to the law office of the mayor of vallejo was found competent
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it stand trite trial. the judge made the ruling today, regarding mod love. love pleaded not guilty last month to three counts of arson. the fire, september 29 destroyed much of the law office. love remains in custody, in lieu of $250,000 bail. oakland police say they have uncovered a large scale marijuana growing operation. but as ktvu's rob roth explains, the person in charge of the grow says it is strictly for patients in need of medical marijuana. >> about 20 crime patients raided this house. they seized and bagged marijuana plants they say produce 20 to 30 pounds of pot a month. >> a pretty significant grow in terms ofize. approximately 700 plants in various stages of growth. it's pretty sophisticated. >> reporter: police also recovered approximately $40,000
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in cash and two starter pistols. police arrested two men. one of them 63 years old. late this afternoon, ken estes came by the warehouse and took us inside. he says he's the one running the wear hughes in richmond. you can see the stems of the plants have been cut. >> they just arrested two patients. they cut the plants down. >> why? we need answers. medical marijuana patients and people trying to do the right thing need answers. >> you need to follow the ordinance itself. that wasn't done. >> reporter: they could have called us and talked to us, and said hey, you didn't do something. >> reporter: police say undercover officers watched the warehouse for weeks after neighbors complained of the odor. >> you could smell it. some mornings you could smell it worse than other mornings. >> reporter: the man in charge of the pot grow says he plans on bailing out the two men
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arrested, and calling his lawyer. ktvu, channel 2 news. some quick thinking about two san francisco police officers saved the life of a newborn baby boy, born right in the middle of the street this morning. the newborn wasn't breathing. the officers decided there wasn't time to wait for an ambulance. as one officer drove their patrol car to the hospital, the other, who is a former paramedic, gave the baby cpr. >> both of the officers are fathers. they're young fathers. they have very young children, and as they expressed to me, during this event, which really took all of about five minutes, both of them thought about their own children. >> both the mother and son were treated at the hospital. police say the woman could face child endangerment charges. we had some rain overnight last night, into this morning. what did it do for the
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average? not much, but we're still above average for san francisco. san jose is 124%. more weather systems headed our way, they're cold ones. overnight lows tonight are going to be chilly. these are the current temperatures. santa rosa 37. 36 in napa. 46 in oakland. you know it's going to get down to just freezing, or just above freezing. lots of cold tomorrow morning, when you get heading off to school or work. the forecast for you day tomorrow, and the long range forecast which shows more rain back here at 10:45. a new area code for the bay area. which area code will soon run out of numbers? >> also, a lamborghini speeding through a tunnel at 100 miles per hour. the video posted to facebook, and why a police officer is now at the center of an investigation. the biggest in bail. no one has lower prices, is faster or more professional. aladdin bail bonds.
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some remarkable video tonight of what may be a san francisco police officer driving a lamborghini. john sasaki shows us the video, and the angry reaction. >> reporter: the broadway tunnel that connects san francisco's chinatown, and russian hill neighborhood has a speed limit of 35 miles per hour. >> here we go. >> reporter: this video posted to the facebook page of police sergeant carl tees is entitled broadway tunnel, 100 miles per hour. and included a comment saying everyone was drunk at the time. you never see the officer's face, nor can you tell how fast the lamborghini was going. >> i think no matter who was driving, it's offensive to our
10:25 pm
city. they're investigating internally who it was. >> reporter: supervisor david chew represents district 3, which is the tunnel. >> this is dangerous, and inappropriate behavior. we can't have folks going 100 miles per hour through the broadway tunnel. >> reporter: the posting has since been removed, and he said they weren't drunk or going 100 miles per hour. and that he was neither driving or shooting the video. i confirmed that he did have access to an orange lamborghini, but not a convertible. interestingly, the posting was removed around the time i told the san francisco police chief president about the video. his reaction? an exasperated look on his face. john is a khaki, -- john sasaki, ktvu, channel 2 news. phillip tong is accused of
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stealing from the bank of america in the richmond district. they tracked him down from a finger print on a note handed to the teller. new information tonight about a single car accident that happened yesterday in santa clara county. investigators identified the driver as 54-year-old gregory salter. they say he died as a result of blunt forced injuries. he was driving a pickup truck that plunged off mount hamilton road in a rural area of eastern santa clara county. investigators say he was a state maintenance employee. the california public utilities commission has begun a process that will allow it to add a new area code in the current 415 area code zone. considering adding a 628 area code, because all of the available numbers in the 415 area code will be used up by october of 2015. the commission can either divide the 415 area into two parts, forcing some residents
10:27 pm
to switch area codes, or assign the new 628 area code only to new numbers. they have scheduled public hearings on the matter for january. the victims were bound and gagged. the key pieces of evidence in this case as four suspects face a judge. >> it's the last day of its kind in our lifetime. many ways people in the bay area marked today, 12-12-12.
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just in case you didn't notice, this is a unique day. the 12th day of the 12th month of 2012. for some folks, it's a lucky day. >> reporter: frank, from 12 months in the year, to 12 hours in the day and night, to 12
10:30 pm
zodiac signs, numerologists had a reason to watch today. >> for me, the 12 holds a very significant, because there's 12 months. every day is based of 12. >> reporter: a 12-12-12 celebration. >> for you, it's not just a date. >> no, it's an event. >> i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: it was also a day many couples had as their wedding day. >> i'm not a superstitious person, but i think it's pretty cool. >> reporter: some worry death is coming on another date, 12- 21-12. in part because of the end of
10:31 pm
the mayan calender cycle. >> none of the things they claimed to be worried about. a flip of the poles. none of those things is happening. it's entirely a fantasy. >> reporter: this space scientists and astronomer says nasa is getting numerous anonymous emails every day for people concerned about december 21. >> write me a message like i'm so scared, please, i can't eat, i can't sleep, i can't go to school. i'm considering suicide. i've had a lot of those. that really pains me. >> i think it's a little ridiculous. we were supposed to die like two years ago wasn't it? >> now it's the 21st. >> it's always a moving target. >> reporter: nasa released this fact sheet on why there is no doomsday, 2012. you will find it under web links. in new york city tonight, some of the biggest names in rock 'n' roll are sharing the
10:32 pm
stage to raise money for disaster relief ♪ [ music ] >> that's new jersey native jon bon jovi, he's among the superstars taking part in the 12-12-12 concert. the event is expected to raise 10s of millions of dollars to rebuild the east coast after superstorm sandy. the headliner is former beatle, paul mccartney, singing with members of nirvana. listen to the rest of the lineup. the rolling stones, bruce springsteen, eric clapton, the who, alicia keys, and kanye west. just look for the slide shows tab. bay area crabbers are back at it, hauling in loads of crab. fishermen harvested dungeonous crab for holiday tables. crab fishermen and wholesalers reached a price agreement
10:33 pm
yesterday afternoon after a week long strike. brokers are paying the fishermen $3 a pound for their catch. a commercial fisherman who trapped tons of dungeon os cab has ordered to pay $12,000 in penalties. the district attorney said 58 dungeonous were ceased from traps. the fisherman was accused of taking crab from a protected area. tonight new information on what led up to those two people left in the middle of the street in san francisco bound and gagged. police now say they were targeted. david stevenson here with more on that, and also the warning sign that he found today right in front of a home involved in the case. >> reporter: a warning for reporters to stay away, hung outside of a hercules home this afternoon. the spot where suspects of a brutal beating and homicide tried to destroy evidence. >> this is a very disturbing case. a case that reads almost like a
10:34 pm
movie script. >> reporter: san francisco prosecutors charged them with murder and assault. investigators say the group, along with a 22-year-old assaulted 26-year-old steven reed, and audrey prado at the san bruno avenue home sunday night. prosecutors say the two were bound, and gagged, and reed shot in the neck before the two were dumped on this block of brussels street. >> it is not a random act. all the people that were involved here knew one another. >> reporter: investigators say bell, leech, and tyler miller later tried to remove blood stained carpet from inside an suv at this house. they face charges of murder and conspiracy to destroy evidence. four of the five suspects today entered not guilty pleas in court. >> he's adamant that he did not commit this crime. >> reporter: prosecutors say
10:35 pm
this is still an ongoing investigation with the possibility of additional charges, and additional suspects. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu, channel 2 news. the federal receiver who controls healthcare in california prisons is issuing layoff notices to more than two thousand employees. the move comes as inmate crowding eases. the goal is to reduce the medical staff by more than 800 positions by springe. fewer employees are needed, because the prison population is declining under a year old law that is sending less serious offends to local jails. projects based on the 2010 census say white people will no longer make up the majority by 2043. the non-hispanic white population will remain the largest single group, but no one group will make up a majority. the population overall is projected to grow at a much slower pace over the next
10:36 pm
several decades. pope benedict tweeted his first tweet today. many twitter followers were quick to respond to his first tweet in which he posted, dear friends, i am pleased to get in touch with you through twitter. thank you for your generous response. i bless all of you from my heart. facebook is fine tuning privacy settings. the company says it should make privacy controls easier to find and understand. they will also include more explanations of privacy settings throughout the site. facebook is also dropping the ability to hide your profile from the main search tool. the company says few people used that option. new trouble for san francisco's embattled sheriff. back here in just ten minutes, it's a cold one out there tonight, and there's more showers in the forecast. back here with all the details. >> up first, his suv stalled right on the track. how a man escaped the path of a
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new video tonight from emeryville, where a man escaped being struck by a train when he jumped from his suv. police say the collision happened around 6:20 this evening near the intersection of 67th and shell mound.
10:40 pm
you can see the damage to the driver's side of the toyota suv. the driver there appears to be okay. he told police the suv was stuck. a petition drive is underway calling on sheriff mayor ross mirkarimi to resign. analysts say it is unlikely that he will step down. the drive is backed by people in the antidomestic violence community, and others. they would like to avoid a recall that could cost as much as a half million dollars. a popular san francisco nightclub is closing amid allegations of racism. the raz room has filed a lawsuit against hotel nico, alleging the contract was not removed because it was attracting too many african american customers. the raz's room's final show is on new year's eve.
10:41 pm
authorities say three people are behind bars in the stabbing death of a 17-year-old high school football player from newark two years ago. they were charged today with murder in the death of justice othoa. it outlines a month long conspiracy in retaliation for an earlier fight. according to police, two of the three suspects have confessed. trina gains was struck in the fates with a small medal object while patrolling in a parking lot. the assault happened on december 3. investigators are unsure what the metal object was, and think students on campus may have more information. in news of the world tonight, in north korea, a fireworks display celebrated the country's successful launch of a long ranged rocket
10:42 pm
yesterday. the rocket carried a satellite into orbit, but the u.s. is questioning whether it has total control over that satellite. the obama administration also called the launch, a highly provocative act, but hasn't threatened any action in response. in syria, three bombers hit the ministry headquarters. the u.s. says they have fired scud missiles over the north. this would be a significant escalation in the fighting in the regime. in venezuela hugo chavez may not be well enough to remain president. he is facing a difficult recovery. but they said nothing of the
10:43 pm
cancer itself. the waves are high, and tomorrow will be even higher. the unusual phenomenon bringing the king of tides. >> it is cold out there, bill martin is tracking the temperatures along with more wet weather. he's back with his complete bay area forecast. >> a reminder, you can get ktvu news to go. you can watch all of our newscasts live right on your mobile device. lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv with a total home dvr included free for life. only $29 a month for six months. rethink possible.
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10:46 pm
>> reporter: expect to see this again when the king tide arrives. >> it will be higher tomorrow. by just a little bit. >> reporter: marry jane schramm showed us the golden gate tide station. this station is where the tide and sea level in the san francisco bay have been recorded for more than 150 years. as for tomorrow -- >> we're due for a 7.2-foot high tide tomorrow. >> reporter: we should see more of what we saw on the embarcadero, and more video from what we saw from news chopper 2. high tides where the water was noticeably higher, and in the bay, where low lying marsh lands were inundated. >> many parts that were inundated. there already were some today. >> reporter: tomorrow's king tide is expected to be the highest tide of the year.
10:47 pm
pacifica ken pritchett, ktvu, channel 2 news. a lawsuit blames the captain of a sail boat for the deadly accident off the faralona islands. the suit alleges the captain who did not survive, cause dollars the tragedy by cutting corners during the race. the lawsuit is against the owner of the race who did survive. the state has ordered the cancelation of a $10 million book and video contract for the new eastern span of the bay bridge. caltrans had signed a deal back in august with a public relations company called words, pictures, ideas. it was supposed to produce a commemorative book and video of the new bridge. senate democrats proposed a $64 billion disaster aid package today for areas affected by superstorm sandy.  president obama made the emergency spending request five
10:48 pm
days ago, for the area hit back in october. the proposal comes at a time when lawmakers are battling over how to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. the red cross is taking heat over the amount of money raised vs. the amount of money spent over hurricane sandy. they pulled in over $180 million in donations. of that, $78 million remains unspend. the agency will release a spending plan soon. police with the east bay regional park district have a new member on their force. officers say the horse will help them access remote areas with steep terrain. he was a gift from the regional parks foundation, and is valued at more than $5,000. it's cool out there right now, the showers have ended for
10:49 pm
the most part. they were kind of on and off, and knew the cool air is here. these weather systems are all originating from way up here. here's the jet it loops back armed like this. the system coming way up here from the polar regions. we had consistent clouds, and consistent rain activity. it was just very light. the cold air amount doesn't hold a lot of water. that's what we have tonight, the lingering cold that was from that system as it moved through. the cool air is stuck in behind it now. it's just going to settle in. you notice it outside right now. vallejo, fair field, antioch. temperatures in mid-30s. they're going to get cooler. i think we'll see freezing, or near freezing temperatures. 32 in santa rosa. 35 in vallejo.
10:50 pm
41 in oakland, that's pretty cool. 37 hayward. that's really cool for these areas. when you get going to school, or work tomorrow morning, jackets, and whatever you've got planned. thursday morning is going to be a cold one. a little fog wants to show up in the valley thursday morning. nice day. thursday afternoon, it looks pretty good for the afternoon commute. this is where the next system comes from on friday. friday morning, will it be real wet? no. it looks like it's going to be light, cold, cool showers. low snow levels, maybe dustings of snow on bay area peaks. definitely an impact on the friday morning commute. as we go through the morning hours, it lingers. more showers, light showers. then kind of moves off. friday, watch what happens again. cue up number 3, another weak system coming from the polar regions. this is saturday. the timing on this is all going to change. is this a deal breaker? no, you're going to do what you normally do. that's not going to shut you
10:51 pm
down. saturday afternoon some clouds. last week, we had that, or a while back we had that series of very warm, moist storms. almost a foot of rain in many locations, especially up in the foothills. this series of systems, which is it, they're coming from the cold, arctic regionen. they're not going to be that productive for rainfall. they'll produce low snow levels and cool overnight lows. but that's it. these are kind of the more nuisance type systems, as opposed to that very productive rain that we saw a while back. so you see one day on, one day off. tomorrow is going to be a nice day. >> good stuff. thank you bill. if the skies are clear tomorrow night, we could get a good look at a meteor shower. it appears to come from the constellation gemini. the show peaks tomorrow and friday nights. there may be another meteor shower at the same time. a university campus in southern california remains
10:52 pm
locked down. up next, the latest word from police on how long the situation may last.
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happening now in southern california, police say the search of the cal state fullerton campus will probably go on all night.
10:55 pm
students will probably have to spend the night where they are, locked in classrooms and dorm rooms. one person was shot earlier today. mark is off tonight, joe is filling in. how about those golden state warriors? >> getting serious now isn't it? winning the first four games of their seven game road trip was one thing. tonight, they took on lebron james and the miami heat. early on, golden state gave notice. no intimidation factor here. warriors led by 1 after a quarter. things could have gotten rough here. james goes to the hoop. lee fouls him hard. james comes down on his right shoulder. this was ruled a fragrant foul. the warriors were back up by 1 at halftime. clay thompson had five three- pointers. three of his 27 right here. this game was close all the way. good defense by the warriors, but james won't be denied for 2
10:56 pm
of his 31. miami by 2 with 6:30 left. now it's tied at 95. smoking a pass to green, who puts the warriors in front with .9 of a second of play. time for one more shot from miami. james will get a decent shot, but it won't go down. the warriors win 97-95. they make it five in a row on the road for the first since 1978. they've won 10 of their last 12. we will be talking about sunday night's big game in the nfl until about sunday night. it figures to be a match up of the' leet. here's a twist from a time gone by. former 49er branden lloyd, one of the weapons for tom brady. brady can still get it done with his feet if he has to, in addition to his pinpoint passing. 49ers know they will have to give the veteran a variety of
10:57 pm
looks. >> you have to mix it up. any quarterback that's this good. that's an a plus at the helm, you have to mix up things. everybody knows you can't do one thing. with other personnel, and our scheme, i believe it will allow us to do it. >> it's going to take a lot of pressure off of those guys, getting to brady. mixing up their looks. get him off his spot, and not just see him back there baking a cake and picking us apart. >> no knitting sweaters either. roger goodell made his first public comments today after what had to be an embarrassing debut. paul tagliabue reduced the suspensions from bounty gate. >> it's going to take everybody. we're all going to have to contribute to that, whether you're a commissioner, whether you're a coach, whether you're a player, and we all have to be held accountable for it. so i fundamentally disagree
10:58 pm
that this is something that lies just with coaches and management. finally tonight, eli whiteside is on his second team since he rode in the parade. he was claimed off waivers by the rangers, after toronto had claimed him off waivers by the giants. but he still gets another world series ring. >> not bad. >> 10 of 12 from the warriors, they're hot. >> i think you've got to figure they're for real here. five in a row, and beating miami at miami. two more, and it could be precedent setting. >> been a long time since we talked about that. thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news starts at 4:30. we'll have the latest on the search at cal state fullerton for the robbery suspects. we're always here for you at
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